Kaje Laine

Kaje’s love of travel and music began early. Born and raised on the East Coast, moving to the West Coast in her teens she then found herself traveling across Europe and surrounding Mediterranean countries immediately after high school, before buckling down for college. “I remember learning the art of traveling on a dime. I would save the leftover bread and jam served at breakfast and eat it for lunch so I would have enough money to catch the train to the next country. I only had a certain amount to spend and no credit card so had to make the dollars stretch.” Kaje recalls.  A business graduate of Loyola Marymount University with emphasis in Accounting and Finance and a minor in Music, Kaje has over 25 years of experience in financial operations and planning.  Her eye for detail and ability to keep track of numerous projects while keeping her cost conscious travel philosophy in tact, is a value add to Tour Travel clients.  The benefit of having someone that speaks the same language as client business managers and has the skill of maximizing the value of each dollar spent is integral to helping clients stay on track with their tour budgets and travel needs. 

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